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Unarmed security services in California

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Best unarmed security service in California

Although many associate security services with armed personnel only, unarmed security providers are just as capable if not more. They are great at deterring a threat while being discreet. At the Security Base Group, we provide the best Los Angeles unarmed security guards at your beck and call so that you feel safe every hour of the moment.

Whether it is for your residential property or your business, some areas do not need armed security guards to neutralize a threat. Therefore, unarmed security guards are your best option, which is cost-effective and just as efficient.

What makes us the best unarmed security company is that we have a strict screening process that holds unarmed guards to the same standards of rigorousness as armed guards. They receive exceptional training, which makes them capable of taking on threats with ease and vigor. With grade-A staffing, valuable clients, and top-notch service, we have emerged as the best unarmed security provider in California

Best Security Guard Company in California

Keep your assets safe with Security Base Group—the best unarmed security provider in California

Our battalion of highly skilled, unarmed security personnel is trained to keep your assets safe. They are trained in skills such as—

Best Security Guard Company

Who benefits from unarmed security company services?

For businesses operating in low-risk areas, or for small commercial or residential needs, one does not need armed security services to deter any visual threat. Because of Security Base Group’s extensive training and rigorous standards, they can neutralize any low to medium-risk to nearly high-risk threats with ease. Should the situation call for it, our unarmed officers can call in armed security officers and law enforcement promptly to bring the matter under control. In particular, these are the services our unarmed security guards are called for—

• Parking lot surveillance
• Event security
• Check-in stations
• Theft deterrence
• Building and property security

The advantages of having unarmed security services in California

Cost-effective Measures

In many cases, having unarmed security guards offers you more flexibility and advantages than unarmed security services. For small to mid-scale businesses operating in California, expenses have always been an issue when it comes to hiring security. Hiring unarmed security is safe and not as costly as hiring armed guards. Also, there is a matter of liability with armed guards, which can cause extra expenses in the event of any incident with discharged firearms.

Increased Comfort and Safety

The presence of a firearm can feel a bit intimidating to many customers or employees. Usually, unarmed security guards provide a friendlier appearance while being ready for any threatening situations.

Best for low to medium security threats

Unless you are facing very high-risk threats like armed robbery, violent altercations, and so on, your business might not even need armed security guards. Most businesses face low-security threats and can benefit more from unarmed security services. Situations that constitute low-security threat levels that guards from unarmed security services can easily manage are—

Using unarmed security guards allows you to scale the threats your business might face. An armed security guard can escalate a situation with a criminal. Unarmed security guards can manage to de-escalate high-tension events, make arrests, and coordinate with emergency services as needed.

Armed vs unarmed security: which one do you need—

  1. Deterrence: Extensive research on criminal psychology shows that most criminals target establishments keeping in mind ease of effort, risk level, and perceived opportunity. Opportunistic criminals are less likely to target your establishment if they see armed security guards stationed all throughout the property.
  2. Protection: trained armed guards obviously provide an added layer of protection. It is undeniable that well-equipped armed guards are better able to deal with a threat of a more serious nature.

Disadvantages of armed security guards

  1. Accidental injury or death: Security guards are only humans. Armed security personnel have a high level of responsibility as they are licensed to use a deadly weapon when the necessity arises. This is huge emotional pressure and not everyone is equipped to deal with it with the right mind all the time. So accidents and injuries are a possibility, which is a major disadvantage for armed security guards.
  2. Cost: As one can easily guess, it is costlier to have armed security guards than unarmed security guards. Armed security guards are usually ex-law enforcement and military personnel. Also, several factors, including training, licensing, insurance, and on-the-job risks, add to the high cost of armed security services.

Advantages of unarmed security guards

  1. Affordability: Unarmed security guards can do the same type of work as an armed security guard without carrying a firearm, which makes them advantageous and cost-effective.
  2. Reduced risk/liability: Property owners may be held responsible if an armed guard shoots or injures someone. Also, the property faces reputational risk, notwithstanding whether the shooting was justified or not. Unarmed security guards use non-lethal weapons like batons, tasers, and sprays to take care of any untoward activity.

Disadvantages of unarmed security guards:

  1. Limited Deterrence: While the presence of an unarmed security guard is good for driving away opportunistic and non-violent criminals, it cannot deter a determined criminal.
  2. Limited Protection: Unarmed guards offer limited and reasonable protection compared to armed guards. 99% of the time, they might be able to handle the threats that come their way, but if a high-risk 1% situation plays out, they might not be able to defend themselves or others.

Assessing what your business needs

Conduct a security risk assessment

Businesses should definitely do a security risk assessment before they decide whether they need armed or unarmed guards. The evaluation will thoroughly assess your industry, region, and operation-specific threats, vulnerabilities, and hazards. 

Assess the nature and threats of the business

Some businesses attract more threats than others. For example, a jewelry store or financial institution might attract more criminal attention than, let’s say, a logistics company, making them more susceptible to targeted assault or robbery. They might need armed or both armed and unarmed guards to neutralize such threats. However, if you are a normal small business like a retail store, unarmed security should be your go-to option.  

Always get your business evaluated by professional risk advisors before making any decisions. They help businesses understand their security demands and personalize their advice according to the needs of the business. They can help uncover blind spots and enable businesses to make informed decisions.

Law and regulation

Companies must consider security staff laws and regulations. PSARA license holders, training, and insurance for armed guards vary by jurisdiction. Understanding and following these rules are essential for compliance with the law.

Role of unarmed security guard company in general safety

It is impossible to understate the importance of unarmed security guards in this economy. They serve the same roles as an armed guard, except they do not carry firearms. They are greatly important in situations where a less confrontational approach is sought. The role unarmed security guards play in general safety is as follows—

Immediate defense

Unarmed security guards are generally the first line of defense, be it vandalism or petty theft. Just having them around is a pretty strong statement and enough to deter a potential criminal. They provide a sense of security by patrolling the areas and therefore preventing anything from happening ahead of time. Unarmed security guards take proactive measures to ensure public safety.

Client relations and dispute settlement

Unarmed security guards are trained in customer service and conflict resolution in addition to security protocols, unlike armed security guards. Customers and visitors make points of contact with the guards and they are, in most cases, the first point of contact as well. Their skills in customer management and conflict resolution make them well-equipped to deal with a situation politely and cool-headedly which helps in avoiding potentially explosive situations.

Emergency Reaction

Unarmed guards are equipped with the skills to evaluate a situation and respond according to threat levels. They are usually the first responders in cases of emergency—be it medical, fire, or other. They can stop more harm and injury and save lives with their prompt action.

Observation and Tracking

Surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security systems are constantly monitored by unarmed security guards. They closely watch over these systems so any suspicious activities or emergencies can be promptly dealt with. They eliminate possibly dangerous situations before they become rather serious.

Your trusted unarmed security services in California

Security Base Group is a premiere unarmed security guard company with top-notch service. We are the stalwarts of safety, also providing unmatchable quality and affordability. Our unarmed security guards are also trained in customer care and sensitivity skills so you might find them to be an essential addition to your workforce as well. We have been proudly servicing the state of California for a decade and are regarded as the best unarmed security company. Call us or book an appointment to figure out your security goals today!

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