From paranoia to feeling secure, Security Base Group has got it covered

Crime happens, and although in a perfect world, everything would be sunshine and daisies, we, as a society, are not there yet. Be it event security or personal security services, our job is to cover any potential security breaches. Security Base Group is full of industry stalwarts who ensure your safety at any cost. Be it for personal use or for commercial purposes, we have a solution for everything. We have tailored our list of services to suit your growing security needs and concerns. Security Base Group is the best security guard company in California because we partner with clients to provide highly trained personnel and utilize state-of-the-art methods in a cost-effective manner in the most confidential way possible.

We offer a range of services that include but are not limited to,

Best Security Guard Company in California

Let’s unpack our expertise one by one—

Armed Security: Professional Protection with Firearms

Armed security

These services involve highly trained industry veterans who are equipped with firearms and possess the necessary skills to neutralize any threat. Armed security usually helps businesses prevent crime or any potential risk factor to their security. Armed security helps provide a strong and visible presence which deters the criminals from doing any untoward activities. Armed security guards provide a range of services that include 
  • Threat assessments 
  • Conducting foot and vehicle patrols 
  • Event and property access
  • Communicating with law enforcement 
  • Providing assistance to the public
  • Reporting and logging security events 
  • Assisting management in security tasks as needed
Whether you want short-term assistance for an event or require long-term security goals, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Security Base Group is one of the best security guard company in California and our guards are prepared for any situation. Book an appointment today to reach your security goals!

Unarmed security

Although many associate security services with only armed security that is simply not true. Unarmed security is used where the threat level is lower although they are the first line of defense before armed security and police personnel take charge of a hostile situation. They go through the same level of preliminary training and background screening as any other security guard. Unarmed securities are used in smaller businesses, banks, retail stores, and apartment or living complexes. We are often vigilant of any suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior and are always on the watch.  Allow Security Base Group to handle your security needs and provide you with the best-unarmed security by booking an appointment today!

Best Security Service in California
Best Security Guard Comapny In Arcadia

Residential security services

Homeowners, HOAs, property managers, and property developers employ residential security services to make sure you and your loved ones are sleeping in peace. Residential security services help one take precautionary measures against break-ins, litigations, property damage, thefts, and vandalism. With evolving security needs in the last decade, we have upped our security service as well which offers full protection and constant vigilance from our most capable guards. Get customized residential security solutions that are tailored to your needs at Security Base Group. Call us today to get the best security service in California now!

Alarm response security services

Be it your home or your business, swift and reliable security response is of utmost importance. Our alarm response security services include close monitoring and armed response combining hi-tech solutions with dedicated manpower who would be at your beck and call in case of any alarming situation. Our services cover—
  • 24/7 Control Room monitoring 
  • Radio dispatched alarm response vehicles that will respond in minutes
  • Highly trained unarmed and armed units
  • Number of vehicles equipped with satellite tracking
  • K9 tracker dogs response unit on call
  • Self-testing digital alarm transmitter equipped with anti-tamper device
  • SMS alerts for client notification of alarm occurrence
  • Roadside rescue service for clients 
  • Video alarm verification 
  • Fire watch security services and response
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Alarm Response: Swift Security Action

Golf cart patrol services

Golf cart patrol services are provided by Security Base Group to increase protection in retail properties, commercial properties, healthcare facilities, educational campuses and residential complexes all throughout California. Golf Cart allows easy navigation in broad properties. Equipped with cell phones, two-way radios, body cams, and detex scanners, our golf cart patrol services give us an edge over any other security guard company in California. Security Base Group goes above and beyond than just being present and takes quick action to deter any unwelcomed threat the very time they see it. This level of high alert and attention to detail is what makes us the best in the market. Call us today and customize your services with us now.

Vehicle patrol security services

If your business has any unwanted vehicles that can lead to mischievous activities, we can help. Security Base Group offers random vehicle patrol in your parking lot or garage equipped with armed security, unarmed security, and surveillance. Random vehicle patrol deters any criminal or untoward activity knowing that the next check might happen anytime soon. Vehicle patrol security services promote a safe environment, prevent vandalism, thefts, and trespasses, offer a quick response to emergency situations, are quick to notify local law enforcement and emergency services, and warn you of unsafe conditions like water leakage or power outage.

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Security vehicle conducting patrol rounds in a designated area.
Crowd Management: Security Ensuring Order and Safety

On-site security services

In today’s unpredictable world, your company, employees, and assets can be in danger at any moment. We know different businesses have different security requirements. Whether you want an army of security at your arsenal or just want security at the reception area, Security Base Group has got you covered. After performing security and risk assessment we offer you a range of services that include—
  • Patrol and inspection services
  • Reception/concierge duties
  • Alarm & emergency response
  • Console operations
  • Safety equipment checks
  • Employee & visitor badging and identification
  • Transportation services and coordination
  • Special events security
  • Customized and site-specific security tasks
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Fumigation services

Fumigation services include preventing rodents, cockroaches, termites, and aphids from getting into your home. At Security Base Group we offer state-of-the-art fumigation services that would protect your home and business from any further damage. During the fumigation process, you may have to leave your home and you might not feel comfortable with it worrying about the safety of your property and assets. However, with us, you can leave all your worries behind and focus on the task at hand while we strictly watch over everything with an eagle eye. Contact now to get a home assessment done and start your journey towards a safe and clean environment. 

Best Security Guard Comapny In California
Best Security Guard Comapny In California

Executive protection services

The higher you are up the chain, the more protection you need. Heads of state, government agency administrators, state and local dignitaries, and entertainment industry executives are constantly under observation by common people or other businesses. Executives are not a dime a dozen people, they are industry heads with highly specialized needs. That is why we create a tailored plan that serves your customized needs and the purpose of your engagement. Some executive protection services in routine or emergency situations are—
  • Elite executive protection & close protection services (EP/ CP) with security support services
  • Low profile, flexible security solutions
  • On-call emergency services
  • Full evacuation support & contingency planning
  • Client-oriented, focused on enabling business goals
  • Local teams – international standards
Our protection services with a personal touch are what make us the best security guard company in California. Connect with us today for industry veterans who live and breathe security.

Patrol security services

Patrol security services limit the exposure of a private business area by taking cautionary measures like controlling access by seeing employee badges or obtaining and logging visitors’ information. They also check all the exterior gates, windows, and exits to make sure no security breaches happen. They open and close the gates at a designated time. They monitor the camera condition and the footage, as well as, the alarm systems that are there on the property. They issue traffic warnings to cars, deter criminal activities by being vigilant about trespassers, thieves and vandalizers, etc. Check out our top-notch patrol security services and to talk to our security professional call us now!

Commercial Security: Surveillance and Protection for Business Premises
Patrol Security: Vigilant Surveillance of Property Perimeter

Commercial security services

No two businesses will have the same security needs. So when it comes to our commercial security services you would need a company that is tailored to fit your requirements. We have the collective experience of a decade and the secret to our longevity and being the best security guard company in California is to combine the right personnel, training, and technology with great industry expertise and responsiveness. Call us or book an appointment through our website today!

Private security services

Are you concerned about crimes like break-ins, theft, or simply the safety of your loved ones? Then you might benefit from Security Base Group’s private security services. We provide around-the-clock, 360-degree security services for individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods. Our mission is to provide you with safety like no other. We will—
  • Provide building and construction site security
  • Become you or your loved one’s bodyguards
  • Monitor your surveillance system
  • Install a video monitoring system
Our goal is to keep our clients safe and sound so they can feel safe and sound in their lives. Call us today to start your journey of safety!
Executive security team accompanying a VIP client.
Security personnel monitoring surveillance cameras in a commercial establishment.

Event security services

Event security services is no joke as there can be many potential security breeches if it is not handled correctly. Security Base Group is an one-stop solution to all your event security services needs. From special events to stadium events, our expertise serves you on your terms and vision. The services we offer include—
  • Event Security
  • Alcohol Enforcement
  • Audience Management
  • Bike Patrol
  • Crowd Control
  • ID Checkers
  • 24 Hour Event Security
  • Access Control
  • Parking Services
  • Red Carpet Staff
  • Ticket Takers
  • Ushers
  • VIP/Talent Escort
Call us to talk to our security personnels and get a headstart on your event today!