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Security Guard Calculator

Security guards play a crucial role in keeping a property safe. They prevent theft and vandalism, as well as threats to personal safety. Combined with fences, locks, alarms, and security cameras, they make for an effective and efficient security solution. Now, this begs the question, how many security guards would you need to hire to ensure top-notch protection, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket? This is where our much sought-after guard calculator comes in handy. You can calculate the security guards required with the help of this calculator. At a minimum, it is advised that you have at least one guard per entrance, at least during your busiest hours. The best part about our security guard officers is that you can hire them at a much more economical price when compared to off-duty police officers. They also have more discretion in handling situations.
Here, we will take a look at the things you should consider while hiring security guards and how our security guard calculator can make the entire process much more effortless and convenient. So, let’s start.

Best Security Guard Comapny In California

Security Variables to Consider

Officer by square foot is often considered a comprehensive calculation for ensuring extensive coverage. If your property has many stories or multiple buildings, you need to hire more guards when compared to a single one-story building. You also need to consider the number of access points to your property, potential danger owing to any valuable goods being protected, the value attractiveness, etc. It goes without saying that criminals will be more tempted by precious gemstones than chemicals. However, some chemicals can lead to a mishap, if mishandled, making comprehensive protection that much more important.
Do many people keep a keen eye out for your property? Or, maybe your property runs the risk of heavy trafficking. In such a case, you should definitely consider hiring security guards for your property. A noticeable security presence can deter intruders, thereby giving employees, customers, or residents, complete peace of mind and a feeling of confidence.

Event Protection

As a general rule of thumb, one security guard is enough for every 50-100 people. However, this depends on several factors, like the area of the land where the event takes place, and how simple the site is to regulate. For instance, the count of security guards will be greater if the event is held in an unfenced outdoor yard than in an indoor ballroom, even with the same number of guests.

You can easily calculate the number of security guards required with the help of our security guard calculator. All you need to do is provide the estimated number of guests and indicate whether alcohol will be served at your event. Based on this information, our calculator will suggest the appropriate number of security guards, necessary to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Make your event a grand success by employing proper security measures. Let our guard calculator guide you in making learned decisions when it comes to your security requirements.