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If you want to keep your property and employees safe before, during, and after a labor conflict, you should hire Union Strike Security Guards in California. You are best protected from unfounded accusations and other problems by using the services of a strike security officer, who has received specialized training for use in labor dispute situations, is familiar with the dangers and hazards associated with such situations, and records evidence in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act. A firm’s operations are put at serious risk during a nationwide strike because of the extra dangers that the company may face.

The following procedures are part of a security analysis that can help reduce these dangers:

  • Analyzing the characteristics of the areas leading into and out of your building
  • Finding the most vulnerable parts of your facility and its environs
  • Devising a plan to screen incoming visitors and employees to your establishment
  • Give your non-union employees instructions on how to cross a picket line and handle unionized employees who are on strike.
  • Planning the essential safety measures for a strike by convening a meeting with your leadership and state, municipal, and fire stations.
  • Provide guidance on how to gather evidence in the event of a labor dispute to detect wrongdoing or violations.
Best Security Guard Company in California
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A plan is essential to keep employees, property, and facilities safe before, during, and after a labor strike. Professional Union Strike Security Guards in California with experience mediating labor disputes are a good choice in these cases since they are familiar with the hazards involved and can assist with evidence collection by the National Labor Relations Act.

When it comes to assessing the risks and dangers facing your enterprise, the professionals at Security Base Group spare no effort in their role as a strike security company. After conducting a thorough strike security investigation, we tailor our pre-strike management strategy to your specific requirements. Our security guards are here to help your leadership teams implement a thorough security strategy once a strike has begun.

Union Strike Security: Why It Matters

Union protests, an important part of labor relations, are a good way for workers to demand better pay, perks, and working conditions. But strikes can also stop work, make things more tense, and even threaten safety. It is very important to keep things safe and in order during these events for many reasons. Because California’s union strikes are so complicated, protection Base Group provides all-around protection services. Safety during a union strike is very important for the following reasons:

Making sure safety and order

Keeping people from getting violent: Sometimes, strikes turn into fights between strikers, workers who aren’t on strike, and even members of the public. Hiring trained security guards is a great way to keep people safe and stop problems.
  • Making sure people are safe: The most important thing is the safety of the striking workers, managers, and any employees who choose to keep working even though the strike is going on. Guards watch over the event to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Conflict Deescalation: Security officers who have been trained in conflict resolution can successfully conflict, which keeps small differences from turning into big problems.

Keeping Money and Property Safe

  • Attack Prevention: Attacks can damage things, whether done intentionally or not. Security staff keeps buildings, cars, and tools safe from damage and theft.
  • Concerning business activities: Companies need to ensure their work can be done with little interruption. Businesses hire security guards to keep things safe and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Cutting down on or stopping financial losses: Damage to property and business interruptions can cost money. Security guards are very important for lowering these costs because they keep things safe and in order.

Supporting peaceful protests

Making Rights Possible: Workers can go on strike. Safety for everyone and protecting basic rights are two things that security guards are responsible for.
  • Setting up a Safe Environment: Security staff manage crowds and control entry to create a safe space where workers can voice their concerns and demands without violence.
  • Getting a Balance: Security guards protect the public during strikes and look out for the rights of both workers and bosses.

Being honest and following the rules of ethics and the law

  • Legal Trouble: To keep its clients out of any possible legal trouble, Security Base Group ensures that all of its security measures align with what the law requires in each area.
  • Ethics Behavior: Our Union Strike Security Guards in California always follow the highest standards by being fair and polite to everyone.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Skilled security staff keep detailed records of everything that happened and was done during the strike. These records are important proof that can be used for practical and legal purposes.

Getting ready for emergencies better

You should be ready for anything because strikes could lead to medical problems, fights, and other terrible things. The people who work as guards are trained to deal with situations like these.
  • Coordinated Response: In case of an emergency, security staff work closely with police and rescue services in the area.
  • Quick Steps: On-site trained security guards make it possible to respond quickly to any emergency, which limits damage and downtime.

Keeping the company's image and how the public sees it

  • Public Favor: How a company handles a strike can positively affect its public image. With skilled security management, the company may be seen as more responsible and respectful of workers’ rights.
  • Trust: If a business puts safety and order first, it can earn the trust of its workers, customers, and anyone else in the community.
  • Keeping the company’s reputation safe from bad press: Well-organized strikes are less likely to get bad press from the media.

A Top Choice for Union Strike Security Guards in Your Area

Most of our Union Strike Security Guards in California have extensive experience on the picket line and are former military personnel. They get tailored training for every deployment. To back up any protection orders, enforcement proceedings, or NLRB hearings related to the strike, our strike security personnel are stationed in highly visible places, and we carefully record picket line activity using strategically positioned video cameras. We are able to avert the majority of issues via the application of these strategies and our extensive understanding of picket line behavior and dynamics.

Professionals from Security Base Group’s strike security team may be deployed swiftly in the event of a strike to protect your facilities, deter violence during the strike, and assist with your ongoing operations by providing:

  • Security on the picket line: Whenever necessary, our highly-trained strike security personnel can establish defensive formations to clear roadways and prevent picket misbehavior.
  • Protecting Your Property: To help stop acts of vandalism and sabotage, we utilize deterrents and make sure they are visible.
  • Mobile asset protection – Committed to preventing road rage and protecting drivers, vehicles, and other mobile assets.

Working together with our clients, we anticipate and plan for every possible outcome. Local and state laws, legal advice, and client preferences dictate our processes. Using a low-confrontation, high-documentation approach, we can reduce client responsibility and eliminate the possibility of workplace violence. Thanks to our thorough pre-strike planning and preparation and our professional approach, we have successfully broken several labor stalemates. This has allowed us to solidify our position as a client-friendly negotiating chip and a powerful force in the industry.

If you want to keep your business running smoothly during labor strikes and other forms of turmoil, hiring good strike security is a must. In addition to documenting proof of wrongdoing to support injunctive relief, these services will evaluate danger, deterrent offenses, and illegal access. In addition to avoiding production and delivery delays, union strike security services preserve the lives of your employees and infrastructure in this manner.

Customized Security Plans for Union Strikes

Every union strike is different, so Security Base Group develops individualized strategies for each one. To ensure the safety of our clients, we tailor our security plans to each individual’s requirements. As part of our procedure, we:

Assessment of Potential Dangers

Performing a comprehensive risk assessment to discover any weak spots and dangers.

Long-Term Strategy

Formulating a comprehensive strategy for safety that accounts for the assignment of staff, the installation of monitoring devices, and the establishment of procedures for handling emergencies.

Cooperation with the Police

Working together with regional police forces to provide a well-coordinated and efficient security response.

Why Choose Security Base Group for Union Strike Security?

Proficiency and Background

Providing union strike protection throughout California is something protection Base Group has done for a long time. When it comes to labor strikes, our staff knows the ins and outs and can strike the proper balance to keep everyone safe without trampling on their rights.

Full-Suite Security Products and Services

All parts of strike security are covered by our extensive list of services, which includes:
  • Perimeter Security: The prevention of unauthorized access and the guarantee of the strike area’s security.
  • Crowd Management: Keeping big groups under control to keep things from getting worse and to make sure that protests stay calm.
  • Access Control: Keeping an eye on and managing the entrances to a building to keep it safe.
  • Dispute Resolution: Staff members who have received training to mediate and de-escalate situations.

Skilled Employees

The ability to effectively handle a strike is a talent that our security guardian California acquires via extensive training programs. Here are some of the skills that will be covered: 
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics
  • Standards for the ethical and legal management of strikes
  • Protocols for handling emergencies
  • Skill at conveying ideas clearly

Integrating Technology

To better serve our clients, Security Base Group makes use of cutting-edge security technology. Among these are:
  • Surveillance Systems: Monitoring systems and high-definition cameras to keep an eye on the striking area.
  • Communication Tools: Cutting-edge means of communication to guarantee that our team members are always in sync with one another.
  • Software for Reporting occurrences: Tools for reporting occurrences in real-time and keeping records.

Comprehensive Staff

We are prepared to deal with large-scale strikes thanks to our strong team of more than 1,500 professional security guards. Our team is here for you 24/7, so you can rest assured that you will have uninterrupted security coverage even during the longest strikes.

Strike Security and Contingent Workforce Staffing: A Preventative Approach

If your company has a labor interruption, you can be certain that Security Base Group will be there to help. We provide all-encompassing solutions to reduce ramifications, including a contingent workforce employment procedure and strike security services. We work closely with you to determine your unique requirements for a seamless operation of your business, even amid labor conflicts. You can rely on our seasoned staff and comprehensive strategy to be by your side throughout the process.
Patrol Security: Vigilant Surveillance of Property Perimeter

From determining your company’s specific needs to finding and accommodating competent strike workers, the professionals at Security Base Group can handle every facet of labor conflicts. Once a new labor agreement is finalized, we stick closely to the processes for disbanding strike replacement workers and offer secure transportation over picket lines. Our clients receive individualized attention as we draw on our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide them with second-to-none solutions. Rest assured that you will receive top-notch assistance when you choose our all-inclusive contingent workforce staffing and security services. Do not delay in contacting us if you are expecting a labor conflict.

Feel free to reach out to us.

The security situation can become quite precarious during union strikes, which are an essential aspect of labor relations. Superior union strike security is what Security Base Group is all about in California. We guarantee the safe and successful management of strikes with our knowledgeable staff, all-encompassing solutions, and dedication to quality. For more information about our services and how we may assist with the security needs of your union strike, contact us immediately.

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