Do you wish to be a part of our esteemed security officer team? Therefore, read on to find out the steps involved in the recruitment process and make yourself a part of the most reputed security guard company in the US.

The Process Is Just Like A Walk in the Park

Security Base Group, a reputed security guard service provider in the US, has brought in an all-new dimension to the process of hiring security guards, thereby ensuring a seamless experience, while prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness over anything else. Our approach is pretty streamlined. You can easily book our services, through a quick phone call or by filling out the order form.

In just a few hours from the time you place the order, our highly experienced guard will be at your doorstep, ready to deliver top-notch security services for your event, home, or business. Whether you are dealing with employee terminations, hosting an event, or want some peace of mind while traveling, we have got your back.

Crowd Management: Security Ensuring Order and Safety

The best part of our services is that we offer both permanent and temporary security guard services while having a nationwide presence as well. This allows us to work closely with each client to ensure economical and effective security solutions customized to their unique needs and preferences.

When it comes to security, we are dedicated to delivering you an above-par ROI. Connect with us to join numerous satisfied clients who have witnessed the difference for themselves.

  • Application Submission: Submit your application to apply for a position with us.
  • Interview And Assignment: Appear in an interview and assessment test to evaluate your qualifications and to prove yourself fit for the role.
  • Training And Onboarding: Upon successful selection, you have to undergo training followed by onboarding which will prepare you suitably for your role as a security guard with us.

If you are on the lookout for the best process for security guard services, you just cannot get better than Security Base Group.


Security vehicle conducting patrol rounds in a designated area.

Dynamic Security Team

We, as a reputed security guard company in the US, understand that the effectiveness of our security program relies heavily on the diversity and expertise of our staff. With a team of highly trained and potent officers, we make sure of the effective staffing of your facility, including emergency coverage.

Our staff consists of a wide range of security officers, including male, female, bilingual, and more. Many of our officers have been working with us for a really long period of time, something that bears a testament to their loyalty and dedication to serving our clients.

We value the loyalty, commitment, and attitude of our officers more than anything else, thereby ensuring that they can uphold the standards of excellence in service delivery. Extensive screening, testing, and training processes are an integral part of our recruitment approach. This consists of pre-employment examinations, written tests, drug screening, employment history checks, along with criminal background investigations.

We would like to point out here that we have zero tolerance for sexual harassment. All our employees have to undergo mandatory sensitivity training on sexual harassment upon joining the company and periodically throughout their tenure with us. We make it a point to foster a safe and respectful work environment for all.

Effective Supervision

We are committed to offering superlative security services, and that is why we go that extra mile to supervise our security personnel. Our staff operates 24×7, under the guidance of trained dispatchers, who maintain non-stop radio communications among themselves. In this way, they ensure quick assistance and support to the officers in the field.

Our experienced supervisors are equipped with radio patrol cars and conduct surprise visits to building sites to offer oversight and support. During such visits, the field supervisors examine security officer’s performance, including uniform appearance, compliance with daily and special reporting requirements, and overall service quality.

Alarm Response: Swift Security Action

Not only that, our supervisors also provide complimentary off-hours patrols of client properties. Such a proactive approach allows us to maintain open communication channels between field supervisors, officers, clients, and our main office, thereby ensuring that everyone plays a major role in delivering superlative service.

We, as an experienced security guard service provider in the US, are known for offering comprehensive security officer supervision. We always value the evaluation and continuous improvement of our security personnel to ensure the highest level of safety and security of your property.