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Terminating employees is only one of several security-related tasks that security guards are capable of doing. Security Base Group is prepared to undertake the unusual assignment of protecting employees during their discharge from employment. We provide professional Employee Termination Guards in California, and we are experts in ensuring a smooth transition out of an Employee Termination Guards job. The comprehensive range of services provided by security guards for employee termination goes unnoticed by many employers and major enterprises. Our security personnel are highly skilled professionals who are prepared to take charge of any scenario and see it through to a successful conclusion. Employee termination security, at its most fundamental, aids you and your company in firing a risky or high-risk worker, reducing or eliminating the likelihood of any harmful occurrence.

Violence at work and with guns is becoming more common in today’s world. A good way for businesses to lower these risks is to hire a security guard or guards to watch over the firing of employees. It’s just as important to keep other employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health from getting hurt as it is to keep an angry employee from doing harm. When an employee is fired, our Employee Termination Guards will keep an eye on them to make sure nothing bad happens. They will look for red flags that the company might miss.

Best Security Guard Comapny In California
Best Security Guard Comapny In California

What Is Employee Termination?

“Employee termination security” means that when a company fires someone, it takes steps to protect both the employee and the business. Part of this process is keeping private information safe, stopping retaliation against the fired worker or other workers, and lowering legal responsibilities. Organizational strategy for employee exit protection is important for making sure that the shift goes smoothly for everyone.


Not a single person ever looks forward to firing someone. Termination is generally a good thing. That’s not always the case, though. By stopping escalations, management must keep a stressed scenario from turning into an emergency. To keep everyone safe at work, it’s a good idea to hire security guards for workers who might be violent. The people who work at Security Base Group are taught how to properly and politely fire employees. You should know the benefits of having a good security guard present during a firing if you have an angry employee who is about to be fired.

1. Make sure your employees are safe

The mental, social, and physical health of your team is at risk if a dangerous employee makes things worse. A skilled security guard’s job is to make sure that everyone leaves work safely, peacefully, and without any problems. The best way to make sure everyone is safe is to plan for the worst-case situation. If your company has security guards on site, you can fire workers using them.

2. Release tension

Management, the unhappy employee, and the security staff must all work together for the termination process to be a success. Professional security guards often undergo a combination of verbal and physical de-escalation training. After the termination is finalized, the former employee will be led from the premises. Security guards should prioritize workplace violence prevention training above everything else.

3. Make sure it ends peacefully

A well-thought-out plan for firing an employee is a good way to make sure that the problem is solved peacefully. Having a protection presence should be a top priority. Even when they don’t step in, a security guard can keep situations that could turn physical from getting worse.

4. Make sure you have peace of mind

A well-trained security guard can help calm people down anywhere, even if there isn’t an emergency. This is made very clear by the case of long-term workers who have a past of violent outbursts. People who aren’t happy that an angry friend is about to be fired may feel anxious in these situations. Some people feel less anxious when there are trained security guards around.

5. Avoid problems in the future

Getting rid of an employee doesn’t always solve a problem. Some past employees may come back to cause trouble by breaking the law, stealing, or damaging property. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, it’s suggested that you hire an Employee Termination guard service for at least one week after a painful firing. If your company already has protection on-site, this will stop people from doing bad things.

Procedures for the Security Base Group Employee Termination

Choosing a security team is a big deal, and we get that here at Security Base Group. Finding the confidence and clarity to make a choice is much easier when you have a clear plan of action in front of you. Read on to find out how our team ensures safety during the dismissal of an employee.

Before Termination

Security Base Group will immediately begin taking measures to guarantee your safety the moment you contact us for assistance with terminating an employee. An immediate security guard can be dispatched to your business site if required.

Our highly trained security team will remain on site for several hours or days before to your intended termination of an employee to assess the situation and your company’s specific dangers to offer optimal protection. Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout for any red flags that would indicate an impending termination of the employee. Theft, property damage, and violence are just some of the issues that our security guards will strive to avoid even before they’re fired.

Preventing events from happening requires having security personnel on hand before officially terminating an employee. Other workers may also experience an improvement in their sense of security and comfort on the job

During termination

If an employee acts out during the termination process, members of the Security Base Group will be present in the room to calm them down or step in if needed. Depending on the circumstances, we will either accompany the employee as they grab their belongings or lead them through the building and out the door as soon as the departure interview is complete.

To evaluate danger and prevent injury throughout the employment termination process, we adhere to basic safety protocols and draw on our broad experience and training as security guards.

After termination

Equally crucial to the termination itself is the time immediately after a high-risk employee’s dismissal. Even while the vast majority of departing employees won’t try to exact revenge on their former employer, the tiny percentage will necessitate heightened protection.

After an employee is fired, Security Base Group’s commitment to safeguarding you and your employees does not end. We may supply 24-hour security guards for the days or weeks after the termination, depending on the circumstances and the specific needs of your business. By following these steps, we can keep an eye out for any unusual behavior and make sure the dismissed employee doesn’t come back to the facility or do any damage if they do. The surviving staff will be much more at ease and you will have more time to concentrate on recruiting if you have trained and committed security throughout this cooling down period.

Our Employee Termination guard service may be tailored to your specific requirements and can be extended for up to four weeks. Our security team can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your business, forestall such situations in the future, and instill a sense of calm and assurance in your employees before they move on to the next job site.

Why Use Security Base Group for Employee Termination Security Guard Services?

Dismissing an employee may be a difficult and delicate matter. To keep things professional and peaceful, it is essential to make sure everyone is protected. Security Base Group is an industry leader in offering first-rate security guard services designed with employee terminations in mind. Our Employee Termination guard services in California are superior, and here’s why:

Professionals with relevant experience and education

All of our security guards have extensive training and expertise in dealing with delicate circumstances, including firings. Their extensive training prepares them to handle potentially violent situations, calm nerves, and keep the procedure running smoothly.

Professionalism and Secrecy

When it comes time to fire an employee, we get that discretion is key. To keep things running smoothly and politely, our security guards act with the highest level of professionalism and secrecy. Always on the lookout and ready to take action, they are masters at disappearing into the background.

Tailor-Made Protection Plans

Every termination circumstance is distinct. To ensure that our Employee Termination Guards in California are a perfect fit for your business, we get to know you and your needs very well. We can tailor a security strategy to your needs, whether you need one guard or a whole team, to answer your questions and make sure everyone is secure.

Reactivity and Adaptability

Terminations of employees are not always predictable. If you require a fast response or a flexible schedule, Security Base Group is here for you. Quick and reliable security services are available from our staff whenever you need them, so you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.

Thorough Evaluation of Potential Dangers

Our Employee Termination specialists do a comprehensive risk assessment to find possible weaknesses and dangers before the termination. We can reduce the likelihood of events occurring during termination by taking this preventative precaution and implementing strong security measures.


When you choose Security Base Group to handle the security of your employees’ termination, you can rest easy. Your company’s safety and security may be prioritized while you attend to other matters, thanks to the presence of trained experts who will handle the issue.

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Use the Security Base Group to make sure your workplace is safe when employees are let go. To find out how we can assist you professionally and expertly through this delicate procedure and to talk about your Employee Termination Guards requirements, contact us now.

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