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Security Base Group Inc. sends out guards who are proficient in self-defense techniques and, if necessary, can use guns. In situations where personal protection is essential, hiring a Personal bodyguard in California is a wise decision. We are available to assist you. In just a few short minutes, you may get a quotation or schedule private security services.

Welcome to Security Base Group Inc.

Providing first-rate personal bodyguard services all around California is something we take great pleasure in at Security Base Group Inc. Rest assured that our top-tier security staff is fully committed to protecting your privacy and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our highly experienced bodyguards are available to offer you unmatched bodyguard security solutions, whether you need protection for a public event, personal travel, or everyday activities.

Event Security Services in California


These days, it’s smart to be cautious while you’re out in public. To reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime, it is advisable to visit locations that have already implemented security measures. Having said that, there are instances where it could fall short. For those who are in particularly vulnerable circumstances or whose daily routines necessitate extra security measures, personal bodyguard security is an additional safeguard.

Famous Rich People

The benefits of owning a huge firm or hitting the jackpot are undeniable. But being very rich does have its drawbacks. Robberies targeting individuals with substantial wealth are not uncommon. Kidnapping and ransom demands against affluent individuals have also occurred. Along with accompanying affluent folks, bodyguards might keep a lookout for questionable persons and guide them to safety. When transporting significant sums of money, such as when dropping off money at a bank, a guard can help dissuade illegal activities.

Celebrities and Influencers

Bodyguard security guards are in high demand because of the development in social media popularity. When someone suddenly becomes famous, they are more likely to engage in illegal behavior. After suddenly becoming famous, a person may not know how to properly exit a crowded area or defend themselves from an overly enthusiastic admirer. Crowd management is a specialty of security personnel. They may even advise up-and-coming stars on how to blend in with the crowd

A Person Who Has Recently Attained Notoriety

Although nobody wants to be the center of public ire, many people’s lowest points have been exposed to the world thanks to social media. Some people may wish to injure someone as a form of revenge even after a public apology. An individual can avoid harm at the hands of someone who doesn’t approve of their past actions by hiring a personal security guard from top California personal security guard services.

Travelers on Vacation and Business

To find victims who aren’t familiar with the region, criminals frequently survey crowds. Accidents like leaving bags unattended or wandering down seedy alleys are common among travelers. If you hire security guards, they can keep an eye out for criminals and other threats. To defend oneself from kidnapping and assault, visitors visiting countries with a history of such crimes may choose to travel with a Personal bodyguard in California.

Divorcees and Survivors of Domestic Violence

When a relationship ends, things can get quite bad. If victims of domestic abuse continue to receive threats from their former partners, they may begin to worry for their safety. A fear that one’s ex-spouse may hurt them in retaliation or to acquire what they desire is common among those going through difficult divorces. A personal guard’s ability to diffuse tense situations is second to none, and the presence of a guard alone may deter an assailant.

Our Personal Bodyguard Services: Why Should You Use Them?

1. Experts with Extensive Training

To keep one step ahead of new dangers, our bodyguards participate in extensive training and ongoing education. They have mastered the art of enhanced surveillance, defense measures, crisis management, and risk assessment.

2. Private and Protected

Regarding matters of personal safety, we are cognizant of the significance of discretion. Rest assured that your privacy is always protected by our discreet bodyguards.

3. Tailored Security Strategies

Because every customer is different, their security requirements also vary. We tailor security solutions to your unique needs, preferences, and dangers so you can rest easy knowing you’re always protected.

4. Constant Safety

We give you 24/7 security services ensuring that your safety is our priority at all times. Our Patrol LIVE Service provides tamper-proof evidence of our officers’ locations and performance instantly.

5. Skill in Multiple Areas

Members of our bodyguard security detail are from a wide range of professions, including the armed forces, law enforcement, and niche security industries. Because of our adaptability, we can find the ideal expert for your specific security needs and pair you with them.

The Importance of Having Personal Bodyguards for Protection

An individual’s bodyguard serves as their first line of protection against any danger that may come their way. Unlike other security companies, Security Base Group Inc. has a team of highly skilled experts who think beyond the box. We take great care in selecting and training our team members so that they can respond professionally, discreetly, and with unfaltering dedication to any scenario that may arise.

Personalized Safety Measures

Every customer has specific security concerns and demands, and we understand that. We adapt our services to the specific needs of each client, whether they are high-ranking professionals, famous people, or families that want a little extra security. When it comes to risk assessment, extensive security planning, and successful mitigation, our bodyguards are the real deal.

Unmatched Knowledge and Background

After many years in the business, Security Base Group Inc. has been known as the go-to provider of first-rate security services in the greater Vancouver area and beyond. Among the many areas of competence within our team are security planning, emergency response, risk assessment, and close protection. Our clients are guaranteed the utmost security at all times thanks to our extensive experience.

Consistently High Level of Professionalism

At Security Base Group, Inc., we approach every task with the utmost professionalism. At all times, from the moment you hire us to do the task at hand, you can see that we take our work extremely seriously. Clients can rest certain that they will always be well cared for by our personal bodyguards, who display first-rate etiquette, great communication skills, and meticulous attention to detail.

Entire Safety Under Any Circumstance

Whether it’s escorting VIPs, providing tight protection to persons in high-risk circumstances, or providing security for high-profile events, our Personal bodyguards in California are trained and ready to meet any task with grace and expertise. Protection is just the beginning of what we offer; we also conduct risk assessments, manage potential dangers, and take preventative actions to ensure the safety of our clients.

Personal Information and Authority

Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost concern to Security Base Group Inc., particularly when dealing with prominent clients and delicate matters. To guarantee that our customers’ privacy is maintained at all times, our bodyguards act with the utmost discretion. By strictly adhering to client confidentiality, we ensure that our clients may go about their business without worrying about prying eyes.

Affordable Options

Regardless of financial situation, we think everyone should have access to high-quality security. Our services are of the highest quality, however, we keep our prices low here at Security Base Group Inc. Clients can make well-informed decisions according to their budget and demands thanks to our straightforward pricing system, which clarifies the investment needed for protection.

Executive Security, VIP Protection Services

What We Offer

Personal Security:
In both public and private spaces, our bodyguards provide tight security for individuals. Our discreet and dependable security services are available to everyone from business leaders to celebrities.

Safeguarding Events:

Use our professional personal security guard services to make sure your gatherings go off without a hitch. Our group is in charge of controlling the crowd, keeping an eye on the entrances, and responding quickly to any dangers that may arise.

Safe Travels:
Feel safe on your travels with the help of our professional bodyguards. No matter where you’re going, we’ll make sure you get there safely by doing comprehensive risk assessments and providing reliable transportation.
Home Security:
Our full-service residential security system can keep your family and possessions safe. To keep your property safe, our bodyguards do routine patrols and keep an eye on the monitoring systems.


Event Security Services in California

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