Unarmed Security Guards

No 1. Unarmed Security Guards Services in Los Angeles

Unarmed security guards are an ideal solution for retailers and small business owners who see a lot of foot traffic.

Small businesses working with thin profit face devastating losses due to retail theft, accident liability, and vandalism every year. According to a study, retail shrinkage costs around $42 billion in loss of revenue to American businesses. If your store experiences even a fraction of that lost revenue, it may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Fortunately, with a small investment in unarmed security guards, a business can nearly eliminate these risks. At an average-sized retail location, a single security guard more than pays for itself over the course of a year.

Unlike armed guards, who can create an air of tension and fear with their presence, an unarmed security guard can be friendly, even a welcoming part of any business, while still acting as a powerful deterrent to crime.

Why to choose Unarmed Guards?

While looking to hire an unarmed security guard, it is important to note to select a security company that has experience and a proven record of excellence. Search online about the reputation of the company and find the information about their corporate practices, and consider how these techniques might help your company create a more effective team.

For example, Security Base Group, Inc. employs reliable guards by using rigorous background checks, a challenging written exam, and a nerve-racking interview process.  We also train them in-house and provide incentives to ensure that everyone who is permitted to wear the Security Base Group, Inc. guard badge is an individual of character, compassion, and ambition. All of that helps to create a security force that is eager to excel, is well-trained, and more than capable of meeting any challenges that come their way. In an increasingly criminal world, many retailers and store owners simply can’t afford to go without protection.

Our unarmed security guards serve as a potential deterrent to criminal activities, and are quick to spring into action should the situation call for it. By hiring an unarmed guard from us, you can protect your business from retail shrinkage, vandalism, and even violent incidents. When you consider the money saved versus the cost of having a guard on premise, it’s easy to see why more and more stores are staffing full-time security.