Armed Security Guards

No 1. Armed Security Guards Services in Los Angeles

Security Base Group, Inc. provides armed security guards for day and night foot patrol security services, vehicle security patrol options, camera surveillance, and executive protection.

Businesses, small or large, need to understand that theft and other crimes can occur within their business premises. Businesses located in high-crime areas or deal in high-end merchandise are more prone to crimes. Armed guards can prevent crimes, maintain security, and assist customers and employees.

The presence of an armed security guard ensures a sense of security to the business, employees, and customers. It benefits the employees as they will be more productive and don’t have to worry about their personal security. It also eases the comfort level among the customers who might be concerned about their safety.

An armed security guard is a great deterrent to crimes. Criminals will think twice before targeting a business. Our armed guards are a greater visual deterrent than any surveillance or security system. An armed guard is a loud and clear message to criminals that you’re serious about your security.

Why Choose Armed Security Guards?

It’s a simple fact of life…the best problem is one that never occurs at all. Maybe that’s why security experts are in unanimous agreement that Security Base Group, Inc. services, which focus on stopping crimes and disruptions before they ever occur, are some of the best on the market. We employ technology and tactics so effective that weapons rarely (if ever) need to be drawn. However, in the event that weapons become a necessity, our guards are fully-prepared to protect clients and their property by any means necessary.

Our services are unparalleled and operate in full accordance with the “best practices” of the security industry. Upon booking, we create a comprehensive security plan, reviewing the unique challenges that a facility, individual, or event may pose. Then, based on the unique characteristics of the job, we develop custom security procedures designed specifically to eliminate the risks that a given position is most likely to face. The sooner you call us, the sooner our security specialists can begin developing your individualized security solutions.

Our armed security guards are given the best quality training available.  They are taught not just how to deal with any given problem, but how to prevent minor disturbances from blossoming into potentially costly or dangerous situations.  They do this through careful observation, note-taking, and de-escalation techniques. An effective armed guard knows how to apply these techniques, colloquially referred to as “Observe and Report” at the highest level, to seamlessly note potential threats while maintaining a strong and visible presence to deter those with malicious intent.