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Westminster Is a Diverse Community with Security NeedsWestminster is one of the most diverse communities in Los Angeles, and is considered the heart of the Vietnamese expatriate community. The city is sometimes affectionately referred to as “Little Saigon” because of the large numbers of Vietnamese individuals who live there.

Diverse communities pose challenges for security companies because they often hold differing cultural values as compared to their more homogeneous counterparts. Fortunately, Security Base Group is uniquely equipped to serve ethnically rich communities like Westminster.

We are committed to diversity at Security Base Group, from our basic security force all the way to our upper management. We have made a career out of serving other diverse communities, and are ready to bring those same skills and qualifications to Westminster.

Security Base Group’s Local Focus Benefits Westminster

Security Base Group is locally focused. We’ve innovated hiring and assignment practices that allow us to supply guards who are already local to the communities in which they serve. This practice has had two tangible effects on our guards’ performances.

First, because our guards have a connection to the community in which they are serving, they often are more motivated than a competitor’s guard would be. This means that for our local security professionals, protecting your business or event isn’t just another paycheck, it’s a matter of civic pride.

The second benefit is that, because local guards are familiar with the local cultural landscape, they are often able to deter crime and respond to threats more effectively, and in a way that is more likely to mesh with the values of the community in which they’re operating.

Security Base Group Is Ready to Serve 24/7

Because Security Base Group is customer focused, our security experts are on hand every hour of the day to answer your questions about business or event security. Additionally, because of our innovations in dispatch procedure, we can have guards at your door in as little as two hours from the time of ordering.

If you’re a Westminster local looking for security services, call us today at 213-444-1555.

We are happy to provide you with more detailed information about our pricing and patrol options, so you can make an informed decision about how best to secure your interests.

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