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Santa Ana

Santa Ana Residents Know the Value of Private SecuritySanta Ana is one of the densest cities in America, trailing only New York, San Francisco, and Boston. It’s also one of the safest. In a recent study of cities with over 250,000 residents, Santa Ana ranked 4th in the entire nation.

The city is also one of the largest consumers of private security services, like those provided by Security Base Group. Those two statistics are correlated.

Security Base Group Provides Services Tailored to the Needs of Santa Ana

Security Base Group has a locally-oriented worldview. We’ve been serving the greater Los Angeles area as well as Orange County for several years, and based on our rates of growth, are looking forward to another few decades. The reason for our meteoric rise to the top of the private security industry has everything to do with our locally-oriented hiring and assignment practices.

Our recruiters make every effort to assign the guards in our company to the areas in which they live. This has two powerful effects on the quality of our security.

First, our guards have a strong personal connection to their local community. That turns their security work from a simple job into a matter of civic pride. This personal connection to the work they do creates increased attentiveness and ambition to provide the best service possible to the communities they come from. Second, our guards have local knowledge that better enables them to handle security threats and public disturbances in a way that meshes with the local culture, instead of clashing.

The Security Base Group’s Staff Is Ready to Work Today

Security Base Group’s security professionals are on hand 24/7 to provide top tier services to our clients. If you’re local to the Santa Ana area, and looking to get security for your event, businesses or residence, then reach out to our dispatch specialist today. Call us at 213-444-1555 to discuss your security options.

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