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Norwalk Locals Are Turning to Security Base Group for Protection

Norwalk is a populous community with a proud legacy of diversity and a focus on community enhancement. Experiencing average rates of crime for the City of L.A., Norwalk residents are never-the-less talking the security of their homes and businesses seriously, thanks to the high crime rates in neighboring Santa Fe Springs and nearby Compton.

Thanks to the professional security services offered by Security Base Group, Norwalk residents are able to protect their interests from local criminals and keep the crime rates low.

Security Base Group’s Event Security Offerings are Unparalleled

Security Base Group’s event security teams understand the unique nature of every event they work, and have worked closely with Norwalk residents in the past to tailor security solutions unique to their needs. Large weddings, explosive birthday parties, and wild open air concerts are run-of-the mill gigs for both the armed and unarmed security professionals Security Base Group provides.

For communities like Norwalk, who sit on the edge of high crime areas, event security doesn’t just keep the attendees safe, it helps to create peace of mind, so party-goers can let loose and have a good time.

Security Base Group Also Offers Business Security Solutions in Norwalk

Security Base Group offers a variety of business security solutions to the locals of Norwalk. Retailers near high crime areas all across Los Angeles have already discovered the crime prevention powers that professional armed guards can bring to grocery stores, luxury retailers, and banks.

Big box retailers are taking advantage of the loss prevention specialists we have on staff to cut down on both customer and employee shoplifting, and encourage a feeling of safety among their staff and patrons.

Studies have shown that when people feel safe, they spend more time shopping, spend more money, and are generally more friendly and community oriented.

If you’re a Norwalk business owner, event planner, or even a home owner looking to secure their estate while vacationing, call 213-444-1555 , and speak with our dispatch specialist today.

They’ll be able to walk you through your pricing and patrol options, so you can make an informed decision regarding how you’d like to protect your home, event, or businesses.

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