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Newport Beach

Newport Beach Residents Know Good Event Security!

Residents of Newport Beach know how to party. From weddings to concerts to just big ole’ shebangs, the residents of this wealthy coastal community know that life is best when it is enjoyed.

They also know the value of top tier event security, and as a result, regularly employ the services of Security Base Group. Because Security Base Group specializes in event security we’ve been able to offer tailored event security options for the locals in Newport Beach for years.

Whether they’re throwing events with hundreds of people, putting on elegant dinner party soirees, or setting up local festivals, clients have called Security Base Group time and time again for consultations on the best security options and for speedy delivery of security professionals.

Security Base Group is High-Tech

Security Base Group focuses on providing the best security on the market at a moment’s notice.

We’ve integrated high tech security tools with the most modern and well researched procedures to create a force of guards that are courteous, responsive, and devastatingly effective when it comes to their duties.

The Fastest Growing Security Company in Southern California

There is a reason Security Base Group is the fastest growing security guard company in the Southern California region: our rates of return business are sky high.

Once clients experience the ease with which Security Base Group is able to provide security, and the incredible accountability we offer for the performance of our guards, they’re hooked.

If you’re looking for a security team capable of both short-term and long-term protection services, then Security Base Group has what you need. Speak to one of our dispatch managers today by calling 213-444-1555 and discover the wide variety of security options available!

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