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Why Situational Awareness is Important.


We all know we should be aware of our surroundings. But when someone is in charge of the safety of your surroundings or property they need to be trained efficiently in situation awareness. Whether it be a personal body guard, home, or event our guards need to know what to look out for and be ready to react to react correctly to any situation that may occur. Situational awareness relies on your ability to see, understand and analyze the world around you in the context of what you are trying to do.

Situational awareness with three primary components: the perception of the elements in an environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future after some variable has changed. To put it simply, situational awareness involves picking up cues from the environment, putting those cues together to understand what is going on, and using that understanding to predict what may happen next.

The need for swift, precise action is a pain point across all industries and at all organizational levels. Companies with an adept sense of situational awareness have a clearer picture and better control of their systems, personnel, and outcomes.


What To Look For In An Armed Temporary Guard

There are certain events that require you to bring in the big guns. Literally. If your company is
having a huge party, or your baby girl is (finally) getting married, or you’ve engineered a multi-million
dollar building, you might need to have an armed temporary guard there to ensure that nobody that you
don’t want to gets in, nothing gets stolen, and everything runs smoothly. That’s when you need to hire
an armed temporary security guard.
Determine If You Need An Armed Temporary Guard
Before you enlist an armed temporary guard’s services, you need to assess what you need them for:
-a wedding with an open bar might only need two armed temporary guards for four hours each
-a big corporate retreat might need a team of ten armed temporary guards for a whole weekend
-a massive stadium rebuild might need a huge team of armed temporary guards for two months
We have found that our clients’ needs vary widely depending on what they need our armed temporary
guard’s services for, which is why we suggest you call our offices and speak to a member of our team to
ascertain where your armed temporary security needs really lie.
If you think that all it takes to be an armed temporary security guard is black pants, a donut and a gun
you are totally wrong. It takes a lot of experience and training to carry a gun for Security Base Group, and we are
proud of the exceptional caliber of people that we have on our team.
In order to become a SBG security guard, we require:
-a valid California Guard Card
-at least one year of security experience
-must pass a stringent set of guidelines and possess a valid firearm permit.
On top of the simple qualifications to get in the door as a SBG security guard, we provide industry
best training and career development. No other security companies have better trained or prepared
guards- a fact that has enabled SBG to shine for the more than twenty years that we’ve been in
And More…
Beyond your needs as a client and our qualifications as guards, there is a big question of fit. What kind of
security guard truly fits your needs? SBG is an active participant in Hire Our Heroes, an initiative
to get former military members and their families back in the work force. We employ a huge number of

veterans and their families, and we are so proud of the work they do. In addition, we have found that
former members of law enforcement, and current members looking to supplement their income, thrive
as SBG security guards. Their technical training and natural interest in helping others make them
some of the best security guards that we have ever seen. We believe that anyone in need of
professional security for their loved ones or business would be lucky to have an officer watching their
We’re really proud of our armed temporary security guards at SBG, and if you’re looking for the
best armed temporary team in the world to protect what you cherish, we’re here and happy to help!
Give us a call at 213-444-1555 or go to ABOUT US to learn more!


Equipment Watch Services for Me?

Equipment watch services are a Security Base Group specialty that we take a lot of pride in doing exceptionally
well. The equipment watch services that we specialize in allow our clients to breathe easy knowing that
their potentially millions of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment are safe and secure- protected by our
team of fully trained security specialists.
Our clients, many of whom specialize in large commercial buildings, report that they make up the cost of
Security Base Group’s expert services in just one piece of their valuable equipment or one day of lost labor. The
services are proven to be well worth the cost!
We have three main strategies when conducting our equipment watch services. We’ve found them to
be extremely effective.
1. Regular Patrols
Equipment watch services work largely because our presence deters troublemakers from targeting the
spot that we’ve been tasked to guard. A hooligan, given the choice, will always avoid a well-trained
security professional. Most crimes that we encounter at our clients’ sites are committed by petty
criminals in search of a quick buck. A SBG guard won’t allow for a quick buck to be had at one of
our sites.
We offer vehicular patrol as well as on foot guards, which we find allows for the best overall service. We
are able to patrol extremely large areas thoroughly. In addition, when a perpetrator tries to flee from us,
we are able to pursue them safely and quickly. You can run, but you can’t hide. And if you do run, you’re
probably not going to get far. Not with us on your tail.
2. Equipment Monitoring
Much of our equipment watch services are regulating access to a site’s valuable, confidential, classified
or potentially dangerous equipment. This is a vital service because a lot of criminals today are looking to
steal information rather than valuable physical equipment.
By preventing potentially dangerous individuals from accessing private information, we are ensuring the
investments of everyone involved in a particular project. If you try to sneak somewhere that you
shouldn’t on a SBG protected, site, you won’t succeed.

3. Rapid Response

We’ve long claimed that one of the best reasons for hiring a SBG team is our ability to bridge the
gap between civilians and the police force. Nationwide, law enforcement is strapped. They are

understaffed and underfunded, which means that their resources are put into only the most dire of
cases. Because of this fact, actions designed to prevent crime and property crime, especially commercial
property crime, are terribly inadequate. Having a SBG guard on your site providing equipment
watch services ensures that if anything unfortunate does happen, we will attend to it as fast as humanly
possible. We are trained to deal with a massive variety of situations, and will do everything we can to
ensure the safety of your site. Our presence doing equipment watch services mitigates so many
potentially ruinous possibilities.
It is not hard to see the benefits in utilizing Security Base Group’s expert equipment watch services. Call us today
at (213)-444-1555 to talk to one of our trained dispatchers. You can also reach us
online at


Who Needs Event Guard Services?

Event guard services aren’t only for the wildly famous who need event guard services and private
security guards every day to help them evade overly enthusiastic fans and paparazzi. Event guard
services are experienced and trained and will keep you, no matter who you are, safe and secure at
either a special event or just a regular day in your fabulous life.
Booking Security Base Group’s’s event guard services will give you peace of mind through the knowledge that
you and your guests are safe – which will most assuredly lead to a better time for all.
Event guard services can provide you with either armed or unarmed guards trained to aid you in
stopping crime or any potential disruption at your big event. You will be the one to ultimately
determine what level of event guard services you need, but the SBG team is happy to guide
you through the process and give some great suggestions on your potential needs regarding event
guard services.
We are available for any event. From a big graduation party, to a funeral, to a wedding or a high
school reunion- SBG is here for you and we have some great reasons to use our event guard
services for your next large event.
Having professional event guard services on hand adds a level of safety and class to any event or
venue. And with our competitive prices and two decades of experience, there is no reason not to
bring on a licensed member of the SBG team to provide you with professional event guard
services at your next big soirée.
Why SBG Offers The Best Event Guard Services
Security Base Group’s experienced and well-trained guards are able to provide a myriad of event guard
services. For example:
-checking guests in and out; keeping your private event private
-door management- if you are throwing a fashion show or hip-hop extravaganza, we can be there to
prevent the riffraff from coming in or the escalation of long-simmering beef.
Speaking of beef, what about throwing an extra-large Fourth of July party like Taylor Swift? Guard
now event guard services are there to keep your real world version of Kim Kardashian and Kanye
West and their snapchats away from you and your guests!
Event guard services are also there to ensure that your guests don’t get so rowdy that your
neighbors decide to call the cops. Having a happy neighbor is good for everyone!

Another great reason to utilize our event guard services is the fact that most private venues require
that you use event guard services if alcohol is being served. And what’s a good event without
If you don’t much like the idea of a burly uniformed security guard providing event guard services at
your party and killing the vibe, you may request that your SBG guard wears event-
appropriate dress or all black to match the occasion. This will allow them to do their job without
distracting your guests.
We have other services that we provide to keep your event extra safe:
-Monitoring your guest list; keep it exclusive!
-Crowd control. Can you imagine Coachella without an entire team of guards to keep Basics away?
-Keeping your guests safe while they have fun
-Escorting guests to and from the venue
-Watching over the parking lot
-Preventing things from getting out of hand
-Having a trained professional on hand in case of emergency
-Crime prevention; meaning use of controlled substances, drinking and driving, assault, vandalism,
When you book your event guard services with a fully licensed security guard company, make sure
that you feel comfortable about who you’re bringing on. Ask them questions such as:
-Why do you do it? Why do you work in event card services?
-How long have you been in business?
-Why did you decide to start your event guard services company?
-How well trained are your guards? How do you determine who to hire?
These pertinent questions will give you some excellent insight into your event guard services
company, and let you see if you want to work with them. You need to do your research. Otherwise
your event guard services may not be the ones you need to protect you and your loved ones.
Get In Touch With SBG For The Best Event Guard Services In Los Angeles
Call Security Base Group today at 213-444-1555 or get in touch with us a . Don’t leave
your event guard services to anyone but the best!


The Best Private Security Jobs Are Available Now!

Decent jobs are still hard to come by. The Great Recession may be over, but the fact remains
that for a lot of people, making ends meet continues to be a constant struggle. As the bills pile up and
sleep grows more and more fitful, unemployed and underemployed people are left grasping for the
financial lifeline of a good job with a respectable company. Enter Security Base Group®, who are hiring for private
security jobs now.
SBG has been in business for over twenty years, and have been able to ride out the
recession by providing our clients with an invaluable service. The service you as a guard, when you take
one of our private security jobs, will provide depends on a number of factors:
Your Experience- Have You Held Private Security Jobs In The Past?
Your background has a huge impact on which one of our private security jobs you will take at
SBG. Depending on your level of training or licensing, you may or may not carry a weapon while
at work. We are proud to employ a lot of military veterans and former members of law enforcement,
whose training and experience is an amazing asset when they join the team and take any of a number of
private security jobs from SBG.
Your Needs
All of our guards need certain things from their employers, especially when they opt to take one of
guardNOW’s private security jobs. They require:
-timely payroll
-transparency (check).
But beyond that, we have encountered a lot of variety from what people need from their private
security jobs. Some of our guards want full time work, some can only do part time or even on-call. We
have clients and guards all over the city, and we are very mindful to place guards in the most convenient
location we are able to. We serve throughout greater Los Angeles, including the San Fernando Valley,
South Bay, Westside and beyond. Ask us for a comprehensive list of cities we are able to serve- if you
ask, the answer is probably yes!
Some guards prefer night shifts, some like to work 9 to 5, some like to work sporadically or on an on-call
basis. We take great care to ensure that our clients and especially our employees are happy. That’s the
SBG difference, and why our private security jobs are the city’s best.

We are always hiring and look forward to hearing from you! We want to give you the opportunity to
shine and start making real money with the best private security jobs in the industry! Call us today at
(213) 444-1555 or visit us at Guard Applications.


Choosing The Right Security Guard Service For You

When choosing a professionally licensed security guard service to protect people or your property, no
matter if that property is your personal home or a business you have worked hard to build, the hiring of
an effective security guard service is an important decision to be made.
Just giving your new security guard service access to your people or property isn’t enough. To guarantee
that your people and property are being properly protected, you need to come into the meeting
informed concerning the facts on what you need before hiring a security guard service to keep watch
and stand guard when you can’t do so. Two important issues to consider are trust and experience.
Can You Trust Your Security Guard Service?
The first factor in choosing the right security guard service for your situation is trust. Relationships are
the foundation of all personal or business-to-business contracts and the basis of a strong relationship is
trust. Do you trust the security guard service provider to actually do what they say they will? At
Security Base Group we understand your need for an impeccably reliable and trustworthy security guard
service, and we strive to earn even more of your trust everyday by providing an exceptionally well done
professional security guard service as well as top notch customer service.
What Kind Of Experience Does The Security Guard Service Have?
The experience of a quality security guard service provider is seen through a long history-of success or
of failure. It is crucial that the security guard service you hire comes to you with ample experience in
running a security guard service business and providing a high quality security guard service to clients
similar to yours. SBG has accumulated years of on the job experience in a long list of security
venues including Vehicle Patrol, Residential Security, Business Property Protection, Event Security,
Construction Site Security, Weddings and other Private Events, Personal Body Guard Security, Loss
Prevention, Permanent and Temporary Security services and more. Our list of specialties include:
-event security services
-construction security services
-wedding security services
-business security services
-personal security services
Do You Want To Join Our Security Guard Service?
Finally, are you interested in joining the SBG team? We offer tremendous potential for growth,
and are currently hiring for multiple positions all over Los Angeles. We are actively looking to fill the
following roles:

-security officers
-field supervisors
-operations managers
-employee schedulers
-security officer rovers
There are other great positions that come up at SBG. Call our office to ask about all of our
Give us a call today at (213)444-1555 or visit on how we can help you
with your security guard service and needs.



Security Guards And Law Enforcement: Working With Security Services In Los Angeles

Security guards are there to provide enhanced safety in extraordinary circumstances as we at
Security Base Group provide the best security services in Los Angeles. Whether someone is in need of airport
security, business security solutions, security at sporting events, private security, personal bodyguard,
wedding security guard, or any of a slew of others, they need to hire a team who can provide them with
services above and beyond what their local police force is able to. That’s why it is our pleasure to
provide the absolute best security services in Los Angeles.
Across the country, police and emergency services are overwhelmed by the needs of the public.
We have a ton of respect for the badge at Security Base Group, and are proud to help boost their what they are
able to offer in terms of security services in Los Angeles by providing our own. Here are the top ways we
are able to use our security services in Los Angeles to help law enforcement:
1. Security Services In Los Angeles Leads To Prevention
Security Base Group’s presence in a neighborhood, when we are able to put a highly trained person in front of a
site, shop or even a mall is a huge deterrence for potential criminals. When the bad guy sees that we are
providing someone’s security services in Los Angeles, they know that whatever they are planning won’t
be quick or easy, and nine times out of ten, they’ll leave without even trying to break the law.
2. Security Services In Los Angeles Are Tasked With Surveillance
There are a lot of signals that something bad is going to happen, and SBG’s team are trained to
look out for them- which is what makes ours the best security services in Los Angeles. We look out for
suspicious activity, and if we’re not able to stop the person, we call in local or national law enforcement
to bring out the big guns.
3. Security Services In Los Angeles Provides Protection
Police officers are called to protect and serve, and we follow the same motto. Our job is to keep a place
or person safe, and that’s just what we do. We offer different tiers of protection, including and up to
armed guards that will voluntarily put themselves in danger. Being part of a private security detail is a
proud duty, and our guards have put themselves on the line for everyone from diplomats to Kim
Kardashian. The police can’t be there to protect you 24/7, but we can.
SBG guards are an important link between the police and the public, and are available whenever
you need. Call (213)444-1555 or book our security services in Los Angeles online at BOOK NOW!



Why Unarmed Security Guard Companies Are Worth It

Unarmed security guard companies provide an extraordinary service to both our clients and
to local law enforcement. With virtually all police forces strapped for resources, a large
amount of preventative measures have had to be abandoned. Victims of crimes turn to
police, who are forced to solve pre-existing problems instead of being able to prevent them
from happening in the first place. Prevention is one of the very best services that armed or
unarmed security guard companies are able to offer. Security Base Group can provide security
above and beyond what law enforcement is able to.
Unarmed Security Guard Companies Help
It’s SBG’s pleasure as one of your local unarmed security guard companies to take
care of the security needs of our clients; we love to help keep them safe. A large part of
that, and a massive part of why people utilize the services of unarmed security guard
companies, is to deter crime from happening. We guard businesses and provide equipment
watch services at construction sites, largely at night, and the mere presence of an alert and
well-trained professional around a site’s perimeter is usually worth what our client’s pay for
our services.
Once a theft or other petty crime occurs, work is very adversely affected. Even if it is a
minor incident, time and money are lost. The headaches that common criminals cause are
generally averted when an “easy” steal is being watched over by someone from unarmed
security guard companies.
Unarmed Security Guard Companies Serve
Another of the duties of unarmed security guard companies is to enhance a client’s overall
experience. Whether unarmed security guard companies are there providing guards for:
-art museums or gallery openings
-event guard services
-industrial builds
-film shoots
or any of a massive number of other services, a very big part of our job is customer service.
We are trained customer service experts, and SBG’s commitment to helping and
guiding customers while ensuring their safety is widely considered the best in the industry of
unarmed security guard companies. If you’ve ever had a private security guard open a door
for you and wish you a nice afternoon, you’ve experienced just a little of the excellent
customer service unarmed security guard companies are proud to provide.
Unarmed Security Guard Companies Protect
Finally, as one of the top unarmed security guard companies in the western United States, it
is SBG’s duty and pleasure to protect. Whether armed or unarmed, in or out of
uniform, and no matter where our clients’ needs take us, we as security guards are tasked

with protecting people. Anyone who comes to Security Base Group is required to have at least a
year’s worth of security experience, and a number of professional licenses. On top of that, a
large percentage of our guards come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our
team protects you because they have experience protecting others.
To get protection from the one of the best unarmed security guard companies in the world,
reach out today! SBG is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the
fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added
value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and
excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click BOOK NOW or call us
now, toll free at (213)-444-1555



15 Reasons To Hire A Guard For Your Business

Security guards aren’t just for A-List celebrities. A security professional, trained to provide safety and support at your small business just might save the day. Business security can save you money by deterring crime and shoplifting. From your business operations to your fancy soirees, here are the 15 reasons it’s wise to hire security.

Perks for Your Business

A security guard at your business might bring to mind high-drama action movies rife with shattered glass and stolen jewels. While exciting, it’s more likely that there will be no fight scenes or weapons deployed. The mere presence of a uniformed security guard provides safety in itself. Here are the ways it will benefit your small business:

  • Less stress for you as the owner—when someone has your financial and physical back, you can focus on running your company
  • Shoplifting, crime, and employee theft take a nosedive with an on-site security presence
  • Someone will actually be watching your security cameras, stopping trouble as it starts
  • By investing in your employee safety, you boost morale and dedication
  • Trained guards take witness statements and collect evidence in case of a crime or accident
  • Escort employees and customers after dark

To get protection from the one of the best  security guard companies in Los Angeles, reach out today! Security Base Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the
fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and
excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click BOOK NOW or call us now at (213)-444-1555.


Reducing Construction Vandalism

If you work in construction, you’re probably very familiar with graffiti, especially here in Los Angeles. We have even seen it develop into an art form in some areas. The Arts District has been transformed into a popular tourist area, exhibiting stunning outdoor murals by a variety of artists.

12 billion dollars are spent annually in the United States alone to clean up graffiti. Moreover, marking public or private property without permission is considered a criminal act. The placement of graffiti in California is an act of criminal mischief and considered vandalism. Graffiti

The surge in construction activity in Los Angeles has increased the likelihood that taggers keen on making their mark will visit your job site.

So how do you minimize the potential for tagging at your construction project?

1. Secure your site with adequate chain link fencing, strong locks and No Trespassing signage in all the right places.

2. Light up your site with motion activated outdoor LED security floods and spots.

3. Monitor your site, 24/7, with both security guards and surveillance cameras, and restrict access to only authorized personnel.

4. Clean up your site, get rid of debris, and especially remove any prior tagging or graffiti, thus reducing the likelihood of repeat offenses.

Whether your project is large or small, your equipment new or old, tagging is something you want to discourage if not eliminate. It devalues your project, emboldens vandals, and costs you time and money to clean up.

To get protection from the one of the best  security guard companies in Los Angeles, reach out today! Security Base Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the
fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and
excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click BOOK NOW or call us now at (213)-444-1555.

4 Reasons To Have A Security Guard At Your Wedding

When you’re looking over your wedding to-do list, wondering what tasks you might have skipped over or what vendors you might have forgotten about, one thing you might not have thought about yet: whether or not you should hire a security guard for your wedding.

At first, the idea might sound crazy. A security guard? For what? As you think about your guest list and the potential problems that might pop up, the idea of getting a security guard might start to ease your mind.

1. What Kind of Drama Can You Predict?

When you find yourself eyeballing your final guest list, begin thinking about any potential guests that may stir up drama. Do you have anyone attending who’s infamous for getting drunk and out of control? Do you have any family members or even groups of friends that have issues with one another and might use your wedding as a battle ground? Are you nervous about someone from your past showing up unexpectedly or just someone random crashing your wedding? If you find that you can’t say a definitive no to each and every one of them, you might want to look into having security at your venue just to provide an extra layer of safety.

2. Do You Have Any Reliable Friends or Family Members?

If you are aware of the potential problems that might happen between guests or if some people spend a little too much quality time at the bar, ask yourself whether you think a friend or family member who will be in attendance can serve as the designated damage control person for the night. This might be too much for them, and a bit of a bummer to anyone who came ready to party their heads off at your wedding. This is where a security guard can step in and be the ref for the night to allow all of  your guests to enjoy your day to their fullest extent.

3. What Does the Venue Provide?

If having a security guard is something that will help you rest easy beforehand and make you feel stress-free on the wedding day, ask your venue what sort of security they provide. Since most venues typically do not supply their own security teams, we strongly suggest going in prepared.


4. How Much Money Do You Have Left in the Budget?

If your venue doesn’t provide a security option and you don’t think you have any friends or family members that you can confidently rely on, check your wedding budget to see if you have funds left over to potentially hire an outside service. Hiring a security guard can cost you anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour.

To get protection at your wedding from the one of the best  security guard companies in Los Angeles, reach out today! Security Base Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and
excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click BOOK NOW or call us now at (213)-444-1555.

5 Reasons To Have In House Business Security

Private security guards have supplemented law enforcement for several decades. Many business owners even claim their presence is more effective at deterring crime than high-tech security systems.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not hiring a security guard is right for your business, consider these five benefits.

1. They Help Deter Crimes at a Workplace

A professional security guard will protect your facility. They do this by mitigating risks including vandalism, thefts, and assaults.

These individuals are also trained to detect any suspicious activity. Once found, they can also take the proper steps before the issue escalates. Additionally, the security guard can help law enforcement agencies solve crimes that occur on the premises.

2. Security Guards Provide a Sense of Heightened Security

When you hire a security guard, it can increase the sense of security for business owners, customers and employees. Employees will be more productive and perform better in a secure and safe environment.

Also, when you have security around and, on your premises, it can help to improve employee retention. Even better, it will help encourage customers to do business with you, rather than your competition.

3. Improved Customer Service

When you hire a security guard, they can also provide basic customer services. For example, they can escort customers to the parking lot at night, or even direct them to certain departments in the store.

Also, many security guards will also help take care of your facilities to ensure they are able to meet the needs of your customers and employees. As a result, you can save money by avoiding having to hire additional staff members for this role.

4. Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

Professional security guards provide the first line of defense in any crime or unlawful invasion at a business.

Security guards are trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to handle the security concerns better than anyone else on your premises.

They understand how to respond to situations, prevent suspects from getting away, interview witnesses and inspect areas for any safety risks. Also, your security guard can help you prepare a loss prevention report if needed.

5. The Provide a Quick Response Time

Security guards will quickly respond to any situation that may arise on your business premises. For example, if you had an aggressive customer on-site, it may take up to 20 minutes for the local police to arrive.

By this time, the customer may have caused serious damages. With a security guard’s presence, they can take control of the situation, helping prevent injuries and other adverse consequences.

To get protection at your business from the one of the best  security guard companies in Los Angeles, reach out today! Security Base Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for the fairest possible cost. We are committed to offering our clients superior service and added value through our talented and experienced staff. We operate based on integrity and
excellence — this is our philosophy. To book a guard, please click BOOK NOW or call us now at (213)-444-1555.