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Security Base Group Security Guards Proudly Serve Glendora Qualified security guards are essential to the safety of many areas in Los Angeles County. Being an affluent city located near high-crime areas like Azusa and Los Angeles, Glendora faces great risk of criminals trailing out of nearby communities to prey on those with significant assets.

While violent crime rates are quite low, property crime rates are excessive. Therefore, Glendora residents need to be vigilant when it comes to safety.

Our Security Guards Know That Reliability is Key

Security Base Group is a well-established organization that cares about the citizens of Glendora. Our armed and unarmed security officers exhibit dedication in assisting residents.

Whether you need protection for an apartment complex, retirement home, hotel, industrial building, construction project, public event, private party, or corporate office, Security base Group’s private security guards will handle any and all assignments effectively.

Our security guards will ensure your property, as well as the people in and around it, are well-protected.

Security Base Group’s Security Guards are Dedicated to Impressive Response Time

Employing only professionally-trained and certified staff that fully understand your needs, Security Base Group is dedicated to being both reputable and reliable.

Taking only minutes to respond, our security officers live to address even the most unexpected of issues.

If you need your property looked over after alarms are triggered, run into issues during an employee termination, or simply would like night security following a neighborhood crime scare, Security Base Group’s security guards will handle the task with ease.

Effective Security Requires Personalized Protection

Glendora law enforcement simply cannot monitor every property with vigilance. If you are on vacation, having a large party, feel personally threatened, or need someone to accept scheduled deliveries while you are away, Security Base Group’s services are essential to your peace of mind.

Security Base Group offers professional security assessments that ensure the proper safety of any property and its inhabitants.

In addition, Security Base Group’s security guards provide expert, comprehensive protection that goes unmatched by any other organization of its kind.

Call us at 213-444-1555 or use our online order form to book guards in Glendora today!

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